Cyber security

The who and where of cyber security

Every spam email you've ever received.
Every virus that's infected your computer.
It originates from someone, somewhere.

At CyberDefcon, we focus on eliminating malicious internet activity at the source.

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Web-based projects

Making sense of the web

The sheer scale of the internet can appear daunting, but it's equally fascinating.

We have an intricate understanding of how the web fits together - from our Application Testing services to our public .

In addition, we carry out research in fields such as internet topology and data scalability.

International collaboration

International collaboration

Our diverse team brings together commercial bases in the US and UK with community partners worldwide.

Members of our team can be regularly found giving talks at conferences and institutions throughout the world.

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Host Remediation

We help hosts to track down sources of malicious activity on their servers. As a result:

  • the web host has less abuse reports and negative business to deal with
  • the webmaster (who is usually an innocent party) gets a clean website
  • the end user is at less risk of infection
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Corporate Alerts

We offer a suite of cyber intelligence services to corporations, delivered in real-time alerts, including:

  • Cybercrime and cyber threat intelligence
  • Phishing and financial fraud alerts
  • Infrastructure threats
  • Botnet tracking
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About Us

CyberDefcon is an independent organization dedicated to the pursuit of making the internet a safer place.

We produce security software, reports and analysis with a focus on modern cybercrime.

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We offer a range of services to the commercial sector and the wider internet community.

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