HostExploit is a community-driven organization dedicated to internet security research, with a focus on hosts and registrars.

Reports on HostExploit were the first to highlight the 2008 Russian cyber attacks on Georgia. More recently, cybercriminal web hosts such as McColo, Atrivo and EstDomains have been exposed.

HostExploit is edited by Jart Armin – world-renowned investigator, analyst and writer on cybercrime and internet security.
DeepEnd Research

DeepEnd Research is an independent security research group that focuses on threat and intelligence analysis. The emphasis is on malware, exploit analysis, botnet tracking, the underground economy and overall cyberthreats.

Another primary goal of DeepEnd Research is to foster collaborative research and analysis efforts with other security groups and organizations.

CyberDefcon's Jart Armin has been a regular contributor to the independent research group since its formation in 2011.

SiteVet is a tool aimed at the security research and web development community, providing historical and current data on hosts and domains.

Data on malware, spam, phishing, botnets, badware and more is displayed, including an HE Index which provides a simple, numberical representation of the level of malicious activity.

RashBL is our data repository that gathers information on a wide range of malicious activities. It does this firstly through our own innovative crawling techniques and also by aggregating respected community sources.

RashBL data is primarily used for private research purposes, but also is provided to community site HostExploit for reporting purposes.

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