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The home of cyber intelligence and threat analysis

CyberDefcon is an independent organization dedicated to the pursuit of making the internet a safer place.

We provide clients and partners with the tools and information necessary to:

  • Track down and resolve cybercrime
  • Prevent loss of business through cyber alerts "before they happen"
  • Militate against cyber attacks
  • Manage risks and vulnerabilities

The CyberDefcon approach is different. We get right to the heart of the matter.

We provide tools for application by hosts and service providers who can, in turn, ensure that webmasters do not become victim to malicious activities on their websites.

We offer customized early warning alert services to corporate entities and ad hoc cyber intelligence services that empower organizations to prevent attacks from occurring in the first place.

We provide risk assessments that aid organizations in the delivery an effective risk management system.

As a team we are dedicated to making the internet more secure and to developing new technologies and techniques that give control back to website operators and service providers. We believe in encouraging a proactive and preventative approach to security.

CyberDefcon has evolved out of the need for a new approach and innovative solutions to the demands of an ever-changing threat landscape.

CyberDefcon is the result of relationships formed through the delivery of non-profit community-based website HostExploit, well-known and respected for its monitoring of cybercrime delivered from the servers of hosts and service providers. CyberDefcon is a natural progression born out of the need to reach a wider audience, to be able to offer a wider range of services and alternative solutions to the ever-growing problem of cybercrime.

CyberDefcon Limited is registered in England, UK, 06096101.

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