Application Testing

Tailored to your application

CyberDefcon offers a comprehensive suite of application security solutions tailored to the needs of your individual organization. We won't offer you a 'one size fits all' approach as used historically by most in the industry. Instead, we offer realistic solutions to real threats. Solutions that are appropriate to the individual needs of your organization. Solutions that match the hybrid attack methods that today's cyber criminals have at their disposal.

All CyberDefcon solutions are based on tried and tested methods that comply with industry best practices as set out in OWASP guidelines. The difference is our solutions have added value and benefit from the knowledge and expertise gained by and supplied from our partner groups whose innovative approach is known and respected around the world. Combined with our in-depth knowledge of cybercrime from the perspective of the hacker, we are able to offer a unique approach to a long-established industry area.

A realistic approach

Whether your application is browser-based or desktop-based; standalone or on the cloud; there are two fundamental principles at the heart of CyberDefcon's approach to application testing.

No application is completely secure.

This might sound like a negative, but acknowledging this fact enables a security audit to prioritize risks effectively, and therefore address the most realistic concerns first.

Humans are an important part of the application.

It's vital for an application to be viewed in context of how it will actually be used. Examining code is necessary but not sufficient alone. We ask difficult but important questions such as Who will interact with this part of the application? and Why can't the same person administrate X and Y?

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Note: Application Testing is a standalone service but for large deployments it is recommended to be carried out in conjunction with Penetration Testing. This ensures that the infrastructure supporting the application is fully stress-tested and thus provides a more comprehensive security audit.