Corporate Alerts and Reputation Services

Alert and reputation services

CyberDefcon offers a suite of customizable alert services according to client need. From real-time intelligence on a broad array of cyber threats to tailored alerts on specific threats or vulnerabilities, the CyberDefcon alert service provides appropriate and trustworthy information to warn your organization when you are at risk.

Corporate and client alerts are informative, easy to understand and available in a variety of formats. Whether the mode of delivery is dashboard, feed or hardcopy, each alert reflects the CyberDefcon team's deep knowledge and understanding of the psychology of the cybercriminal and the methodologies they employ against businesses and computer systems.

An important feature of CyberDefcon alerts is detailed information on the worst cybercriminal hot-spots and areas of malicious activity. Businesses need to know where cybercrime is being hosted and how to avoid a hard-earned reputation from being tainted by the acts of others.

It is inevitable that all hosts will have to deal with badness on their networks. The key is how they deal with it.

What we offer

The range of alert services includes:

  • Real-time cybercrime, cyber threat & DNS intelligence
  • Phishing & financial fraud alerts
  • Botnet tracking
  • System & infrastructure threats
  • Cybercrime hot spots: global or national
  • Host analysis
  • Threat/risk assessments to ISO 31000:2009
  • Customized interactive cyber security dashboards with drilldowns
  • Customized cyber security and reputational reports

The CyberDefcon alert service uses an established reputational rating system to represent threat levels and provides detailed analysis on potential threats. This aids businesses in the making of all important strategic decisions as well as encouraging a proactive and preventative approach towards security.

The easy-to-understand format of the reputational scoring mechanism will facilitate remedial action and follow-up processes.

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Each alert service is available as a standalone or in combination with any of our other services.

If your organization has specific needs not catered for here then Get in touch as these are just a sample of the services that we offer.