Risk Assessments

Changing threats

The conundrum facing enterprises today is how to effectively manage risk when the threat is constantly changing. Many of the methods used to-date have provided little success for businesses at risk; cybercrime and data breaches are at an all-time high.

A new approach

CyberDefcon has a different approach. With proactive methods of tracking evolving threats - derived from our extensive working understanding of the world of cybercrime - CyberDefcon risk assessments pinpoint the threats that others fail to notice.

Our rating system - based on trend and reputational analysis of the latest cybercriminal vectors - ensures an organization understands where the weaknesses in the infrastructure lie; an essential aid when planning for risks against an unseen enemy in an ever-changing landscape.

CyberDefcon risk assessments use the best available information sources and present the findings in an easy-to-understand rating system. This increases your organization's ability to:

  1. Understand the nature of current exposure to specific cyber threats
  2. Identify associated vulnerabilities in the infrastructure
  3. Analyze the risk posed by each vulnerability
  4. Evaluate the course of action
  5. Respond appropriately
  6. Increase the effectiveness of proactive measures

What we provide

CyberDefcon risk ratings and trend analysis are based on a client's current exposure to generic and specific cyber threats. Our worldwide coverage includes risk related to:

  • Vulnerability to new and emerging threats
  • New business risks and threats
  • Branding abuses
  • Data leaks
  • Industry specific threats
  • DNS vulnerabilities
  • Reputational and traffic analysis of individual operating divisions (as required)

A CyberDefcon risk cyber assessment gives clients the confidence to address cyber security related risks in line with other risk management activities within an effective risk management system.

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CyberDefcon Risk Assessments comply to ISO 31000:2009 and guidelines on privacy and national rights.